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In the past, roses were known for their perfumy nice smell. However, people mostly buy them shipped long distances so they have been breed for longevity instead of scent. Today it is difficult to find a nice smelling rose.

This story is similar for many things evolved far away.

Technology has enabled mass production, worldwide transportation and communication at the cost of variety and personal freedoms we can only remember from history. The remoteness of Tatū Gardens makes it possible to get a little of this back.

This is our goal.

Tatū Gardens is wilderness with as much variety as possible. This means lots of fruits, vegitables, nuts, herbs, flowers, neat smelling things and more. It is clean natural food and drink you cannot buy in stores. Think sight, smell, and taste of what has become exotic.

Consider we have evolved to the point where spending money is difficult without causing some distant harm. Some people describe Tatū Gardens with words like homestead, permaculture and sustainability. I think of it as simple living with more awareness of impact.

How do our actions hurt ourselves and others? Less is better.

For shelter, we build off grid earth structures. We do our best and enjoy sharing natures bounty with others.

I hope you enjoy the videos and look forward to seeing you and sharing all of this with you when you visit.