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About Peace out Place

The peace out videos are simply moving pictures with natural earth soundscape.

What makes them unique is no artificial mixing of sounds. The camera and microphones have been protected and placed far as possible from noisy automobiles, airplanes, motors, machines, technology, and even people.

This minimizes distraction and maximizes your creative imagination. Passively enjoy the random rhythm of nature.

Documentary video

YouTube channel Peace out Place.

Facebook group Peace out Place.

Please share and spread the peace!


About Ken
Raised in the Colorado Rocky Mountains. I soon started exploring by foot, bike, ski, canoe, and sail; celebrating life because I could.

My lucky time has been full of awesome opportunities, liberties, friends and strangers much appreciated.

Purposely searching for good in the bad helps too.

Some of this I share with you here for our fun.

Youtube Channel Witch Sailor.

Youtube Channel Tatu Gardens.