the feelgood organization



It sucks to be cold.
Expectations effect the outcome.
Please keep your thoughts from being a health hazard.
Beware thinking you could be happier some other time or place.
Take responsibility for your own thoughts and feeling.
Speak nice of others or be quiet.
Simplify + Minimize = Relaxing
Keep trying your best and you will find assistance in unforeseeable ways at unpredictable times.
Be careful holding too much or you will lose what is important.
Attachment and fear limit joy.
Lose the fear, enjoy the freedom.
Face your fears and feel good.
Whatever happens, it is all good in the end.
Conflict you create, miracles you make.
Cherish the miracle in you.
Accept more miracles by giving more love.
Be peace.
Hang low, go slow, be mellow.
If you are not hungry, thirsty or cold then celebrate.
Being with people you love feels good so love everyone now.
Being love and accepting love is better than looking for it.
Give without expectations.
Love without conditions.
Respect yourself enough to let others be.
Jealousy and revenge are ideas best dropped and actions stopped.
Talk is cheap, just do it.
Lead by good example instead of worrying about what others say or do.
You have complete control over who and what you forgive.
Forgive everyone you can think of; then forgive yourself.
Want peace? Forgive.
Whatever happens, it is all good in the end.
Be quiet, listen, enjoy.
Stretch, stress, sweat, and enjoy the power of your body.
Share your beautiful smile!